2019 Year in Review

January 01, 2020

2019 was my best year yet and I have a really positive outlook on 2020 as a result. It feels like all the hard work is beginning to pay off.

In late-2018 myself and my girlfriend - Laura - moved to London. I’ll admit, I wasn’t initially fond of the idea. However, throughout 2019 we’ve really made London our home and flat is really beginning to come together. Since our move a few things have changed.

Proud Moments

Bear with me whilst I pat my own back for a minute or two.

My Career

This went from good to great in 2019. At the beginning of the year I was working for a brilliant startup called Amiqus, where we were helping to solve real needs in the legal sector.

In June I moved to Equals (previously known as FairFX) and took on a Senior Frontend Engineering role - I loved it. I was in a brilliant team building a brilliant product. However, a few months back I went for and was subsequently offered a promotion to be the Team Lead of the very team I joined. Unbelievable. So I ended my year with my own team working on our own product - Equals Go.

I’m incredibly excited about lays ahead for the Go Team. We’re just finding our groove and I think we’ll ship some incredibly exciting product(s) and features throughout the year.


I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made with FabFit in 2019. We’ve made huge progress in the quality of our content and our technology.

  • I’ve refined the entire web app, creating a design that I am super proud of. I’ll write up a post going through the new design at some point in the future.
  • Released a brand spanking new iOS app 🎉 Check it out on the App Store! There’s still a lot to do here and what was shipped is very much just the MVP.
  • Re-shot and edited about 70 classes
  • Started to prioritise marketing


I got hella organised in 2019 and became a Notion Pro. I began documenting every single day in Notion whether that was my meeting notes, thoughts, personal todos or reflections. It’s all in one, searchable, easy-to-use place.

For the past few months my “Calendar” page has looked like this

A calendar view showing a breakdown of each day

And now my “Dashboard” looks like this:

My Notion Dashboard

Learning Moments

Personal Time

I worked really hard in 2019, probably a bit too hard. Personal relationships and I feel my own health suffered as a result. I’ve done a lot of reflection on this and have a page in Notion just discussing it with myself which I’ll share at some point. The short of it is that I need to make some improvements:

  • Go to the gym in the morning before work
  • Leave work on time
  • Spend more time reading, this is really important
  • Go on at least three holidays in 2020
  • Save more, get a financial plan together
  • Focus on the content of the hours, not the amount of hours


It’s really tough trying to build a business, never-mind with just a handful of hours each day. I’ve struggled to prioritise tasks, going into 2020 there’s a phrase that I’m going to remind myself of when planning and that “move the needle”.

In 2019 we didn’t market nearly enough, it’s really disappointing how much I didn’t prioritise this until the last few weeks of the year. However, now we have a content calendar and are starting to take it seriously, I’m hoping that 2020 is going to be the year for FabFit and we’ll finally see an increase in membership levels.

All in All

2019 was a great year. Full of learnings, improvements, new experiences and a new job. I’ve got a lot to get done in 2020 between shipping our new product at Equals and working towards ramen profitability at FabFit. I’m sure though, as long as I keep in mind the learnings from 2019 I’ll get there.

Onwards and upwards.

Jamie Halvorson

Jamie Halvorson is an Engineering Team Lead at Equals and Founder at FabFit where he handles engineering, design and content production.