Hello Internetz

June 23, 2019

Over the past year or so I’ve been half writing blog posts but never publishing them. They were mostly explanations of code concepts, workarounds, strange bugs I’ve encountered or updates on FabFit.

I never published them as I never felt like I needed to share them, I’ve been busy moving cities, changing jobs and building FabFit on the side. However, now I feel like I want to set out to create content to share.

These posts will still mostly be about workarounds, strange bugs or following my thoughts as I learn some new languages or concepts. Except I’m going to try my best to actually hit publish / push to GitHub so that the internetz can tell me how I’m wrong.

Jamie Halvorson

Jamie Halvorson is an Engineering Team Lead at Equals and Founder at FabFit where he handles engineering, design and content production.