Building products for people on the internetz at Equals

Hi, I’m Jamie. I spend my time building financial products and developer tooling for thousands of business and customers with a crack team at Equals.

Day-to-day I’m an Engineering Team Lead helping my team of 9 build the new FairFX Multi Currency Mobile and Web Apps, Equals Spend US Mobile and Web Apps as well as the Core API that powers Equals Spend US. I tend to spend my day jumping between active development, planning as well as project, product and team management.

In my free time I’m the founder at FabFit. Where I look after design, engineering and product development.

I’ve had the privilege to work on a range of projects with some brilliant teams, here are just some of my highlights.

FairFX Multi Currency Mobile App

Building an entirely new experience to provide over 100,000+ people with bank-beating FX rates from anywhere in the world.

Geometry Design System

Enabling development and design teams at Equals to move fast without breaking things. Geometry is a component library and Figma design system built using React Native and React allowing our mobile and web teams to scaffold new screens with ease.

FairFX Multi Currency Web App

Building the new home for FairFX customers allowing folk to add money and make exchanges in just a minute.

Patrick Gilmour

An animated one-pager to help Patrick Gilmour - the freelance chef - reach new customers and accept online bookings.

Mariott Hotels - Autograph

Providing an online home for Mariott Hotels to show their unique properties across the globe.