Hello, I'm Jamie

I’m a Senior Software Engineer at Shopify trying to help make small business owner’s lives that little bit easier. In my free time I’m a photographer, designer and side-project tinkerer.

Working remotely out of London, UK

What I've been up to

  • Jan, 2022

    Shipped Stream

    Built a small web app for writing daily notes with the ability to tag related thoughts and link to articles. Shipped it so that others can try it too. Available at stream.halvorson.co.uk

    💡Side project
  • Apr, 2021

    Saying hello to Shopify

    At the end of April I started at Shopify as a Senior Engineer working on Retail. I’ve been a massive fan of Shopify's work over the years - it's surreal that I now get to work on a team that I’ve been admiring for so long.

    💻 New job
  • Apr, 2021

    Shipped the Canvas Shopify site

    I worked with the folks at Canvas to deliver a brand new Shopify store to sell their at-home cocktail experience. I had an immense amount of fun on this, it was my first freelance gig in about 2 years and it was great to jump back into things with such a great product.

    🚀Client project
  • Jul, 2020

    Launched FairFX Multi Currency

    I helped lead a cross-discipline team at Equals that delivered a new experience across web and mobile to provide customers with bank beating FX rates and new shiny Linked Cards to help people manage their money day-to-day.

    🚀Work project
  • Oct, 2019

    Becoming an Engineering Manager

    After finding my feet in the team that delivered Equals Go, I moved to an EM role initially becoming the manager for the five others in the Go team, however, that then expanded to include the mobile team.

    💻 New job
  • Jun, 2019

    Joined Equals

    When I started at Equals I joined a team that was very close to launching a new product - Equals Go. I helped get some areas of the product over the line and worked with the team to refine and build in new features post-launch.

    💻 New job
  • Aug, 2018

    Joined Amiqus

    My first foray into working in a more producty environment, it was a great experience to be part of a small, mission-led company from the very early days. Amiqus is made of a bunch of great folks tackling some tricky issues within Legal Tech.

    💻 New job
  • Jan, 2017

    Joined Signal

    Signal was an Edinburgh-based agency that I always respected. It was great to become part of the team, specifically working on the frontend of marketing sites.

    💻 New job
  • Jan, 2016

    Started FabFit

    FabFit was an idea that my mum dreamt up - a platform that would help her clients attain their goals and train more often. I designed and developed our marketing site, core web app, mobile app and the platform.

    💡Side project
  • Jul, 2015

    Went freelance

    I departed Campfire to focus on something that was becoming a really strong interest - web development. Whilst freelancing I worked on a variety of projects, one of which led to me joining Signal full-time.

    💻 New job
  • Nov, 2013

    Started Campfire

    Alongside my friend Lewis I co-founded a creative agency called Campfire. We had a some brilliant fun creating content and websites for a wide-range of companies in Scotland.

    💻 New job